Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed is a world record classification initiated by Harrison in 2011. It aims to encourage isolated freelance workers like herself to come together to attempt to break the record for ‘the most self-employed people working together (on their own individual projects) in the same place at the same time, over the course of a normal 9-to-5 day’.
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The world record of 57 self-employed people was first set at Toynbee Hall on Monday 13 June 2011 as part of Artsadmin’s Two Degrees festival. On Thursday 3 November this record was bettered to 70 people at a second event at Newcastle’s Lit & Phil Library as part of Wunderbar festival.

13 June 2011: Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed
Jac QuePasa

Photo: Toby Smith