1 July 2007
Print Magazine (USA) (p.68-77)

The four artists whose intent expressions are pictured below are, in many ways, quite ordinary. They read, they eat toast, they buy fishing videos. Then they take it a big step further. Kate Bingaman created a dazzling online archive of years’ worth of purchases—and bills—all illustrated in minute detail. Designer Nicholas Felton charms the blogosphere yearly with his Feltron Report, an elegant, meticulous annual report of himself. Ellie Harrison, a self-described “recovering data collector,” has photographed many dimensions of her life and objects; she also keeps a blog of ideas hatched while drinking tea (she’s a Brit). And John D. Freyer made a riveting narrative about selling his possessions on eBay in his book All My Life for Sale. We asked all four to document what they consumed for one week. They all produced a vivid record that says volumes about who they are.

Name: Kate Bingaman (29)
Lives: Starkville, Miss.
Occupation: Asst. Professor of Graphic Design
Website: obsessiveconsumption.com

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Name: Nicholas Felton (29)
Lives: New York City
Occupation: Graphic Designer, Megafone
Website: feltron.com

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Name: Ellie Harrison (28)
Lives: Nottingham, U.K.
Occupation: Artist, Curator, Lecturer
Website: ellieharrison.com

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Name: John D. Freyer (34)
Lives: Iowa City, Iowa
Occupation: Lecturer in Photography, Artist, Writer
Website: temporama.com

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Emily Gordon

The Obsessives (2007)