4 LIVE Broadcasts DVD


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  • Β£20.00 (including FREE postage in UK)
  • Limited edition of 50
  • DVD Boxset
  • Run time 71 mins approx (stereo / PAL)
  • Aspect Ratio standard TV 1.35:1 (4:3)
  • Designed by Ellie Harrison
  • Cover photograph by Alec McLeish for Dazed & Confused

This special DVD ‘boxset’ was devised as part of The End Product for Collective in Edinburgh to conclude and commodify the series of LIVE Broadcasts Harrison made over the course of a year. It features Transmission: Glasgow to London (2 December 2010), UK Weather Report (17 April 2011), Personal Political Broadcast (5 May 2011) and Best of the Rest (17 November 2011).

Including original Mail Order leaflet.

The End Product

The End Product was created specially for I’ll Look Forward To It – an exhibition orchestrated by Oliver Braid for Collective, Edinburgh as part of the New Work Scotland programme (from 19 November – 18 December 2011).

The End Product was devised in response to a chapter from Oliver Braid’s essay The Impact of Positive Thinking on Productivity (with added notes by Anna McLauchlan) which discusses the pros and cons of working towards ‘pre-determined goals’.

Harrison chose to use the exhibition in a deliberately opportunistic way in order to conclude and commodify a series of works she had been making over the last year, by creating and attempting to market a special DVD ‘boxset’ which brought together 4 of her LIVE Broadcasts. The End Product installation at Collective comprised a ‘promotional display’ with viewing station (designed by Camille Le Houezec) where the DVD cover is displayed alongside details of its mail order promotion, as well as the final broadcast Best of the Rest created on 17 November 2011 – the night before the exhibition launch – specially for Oliver Braid.

Best of the Rest essentially exists only to ‘complete the set’ of 4 LIVE Broadcasts, which includes: Transmission: Glasgow to London, UK Weather Report, Personal Political Broadcast alongside Best of the Rest. As a final instalment, it serves as a conclusion to a very busy year. Drawing on some of the recurring themes from previous broadcasts, Harrison introduces the ideas behind I’ll Look Forward To It and tells the story of her own work / career / love successes and failures in 2011, in the hope of making a fresh start in 2012.