27 September 2004

Like some twisted Avid Merrion – hosted Royal Variety Performance, Nottingham art collective Reactor presents a surreal night of live mayhem. Inspired by the dying art of cabaret, Reactor is promising an evening of song, dance, comedy, quizzes, audience participation and ventriloquism, all hosted by a contorted, comedic Bob Hope lookalike.

In a night packed with surprises, and taking place as part of the You Are Here festival, highlights include Russian Dancing Bears challenging the facsimile Bob to a tap – dance duel, a moral tale involving the seeking of great fortunes told by three horses, and a grand audience singalong. Scientist Dr Gunter House will also be on hand to explain the science behind Reactor, revealing the secrets of 3D projections, egg – box cameras and GHAOS, Reactor’s own developing theory that outlines their bizarre working practices.

Reactor came together two years ago, with its premises in Arkwright Street acting as a hub for the group’s experiments. And having debuting Bob Hope briefly at an event in London in May, his next appearance will be an Academy Award ceremony – inspired performance called Not A Hope In GHAOS, to be staged in Germany.

Wayne Burrows