29 April 2010
The List (p.7)

The people putting the fun into election night.

It’s no Obama showdown, we grant you, but by Blighty’s efforts, vote night is hotting up. Just when we thought Gordy was a goner, and ‘im in the blue corner was in, Nick’s not looking quite so knackered, after a ‘winning’ performance on the live debates.

But lest we forget it is we who will help choose our next leader, and there’s a handful of Glasgow’s finest establishments preparing to make fight night just a little more fun.

First up Glasgow Film Theatre is currently host to the installation Vending Machine, the inspired creation of Glasgow artist Ellie Harrison (featured in our Affordable Art special on page 17), which spurts out free crisps when search terms relating to the recession and the economy, such as ‘bankruptcy’, ‘slump’ and ‘decline’ make the headlines on the BBC News RSS feed. Check it out until Wed 16 June.

Anna Millar