14 December 2015
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A Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for research into using wind power to create a renewable fund for radical art has exceeded its target by over £1000.

Launched in October by Glasgow-based artist Ellie Harrison, 157 backers pledged £2505 to help bring the Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund (RRAAF) to life.

A target of £1500 was set to cover the cost of phase 1 of the project – initial scoping work with Community Energy Scotland. The findings of this phase will be presented at CCA Glasgow on 17 December from 6:30pm.

“We have totally smashed our goal,” said Harrison, “but all additional funds raised will be invaluable when it comes to embarking on the next phase of the project in 2016.”

The RRAAF plans to use a wind turbine to generate renewable energy which will fund a ‘no strings attached’ grant scheme for art-activist projects.

“Relentless ideologically motivated cuts to public funding for the arts are forcing artists to look to other sources to fund their work,” added Harrison.

“Going cap-in-hand to philanthropists or corporate sponsors will usually require some concessions or compromise – having your work hijacked to advertise some product or having your hands tied over which issues your work can address. The Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund aims to address both these problems at once.”

The fund will support and encourage politicised art projects and acts of what Harrison describes as “creative resistance”.

She said: “With no paymaster to answer to (other than the wind itself!), RRAAF really will be free to speak out about the issues facing artists and society in general, helping to inspire and initiate positive social change.”

Hear more about the Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund at CCA Glasgow, Thursday 17 December, 6.30pm.

Chris Sharratt