5 June 2008
Nottingham & Trent Valley Journal (p.3)

They saved Victoria Leisure Centre in Sneinton and now they’re looking to make it one of the best facilities in the city!

The Save Victoria Baths campaign group took to the streets in the suburb on May 31 to ask local residents’ views on what they wanted to see at the new centre when it gets refurbished next year.

After being saved from closure in March, the ten strong group took it upon on themselves to draw up their own consultation for local people to get their views heard-after the city council said it simply didn’t have time to.

The survey coincided with a fun day at the centre where people could try out most of the existing facilities free of charge.

Now working closely alongside councillors on the development of the plans, the survey is the only comprehensive consultation which will take place before the design brief is finalised in October.

Everything from people’s views on new gym and swimming facilities, what historical parts of the building should be kept and thoughts on how the centre can advertise its facilities better were amongst the topics questioned.

And hundreds took the chance to get their views across. Spokesperson Ellie Harrison highlighted just how important the survey was given local residents weren’t set to be asked what they wanted at their local centre.

She said: “Three members of our campaign are on the Victoria Leisure Centre working group
together with councillors and council leisure workers so we’re right at the heart of what’s
going on and we’re going to be able influence what they decide to do.”

“We’re aiming to get 1000 responses. The council isn’t going to do another consultation. It considers the consultation it did over the closure to be enough which we don’t.”

“All the questions then were geared up along the lines of ’the leisure centre is closing’, it was negative and didn’t give enough scope for imagination.”

“Our survey is very positive saying we have 7 million pounds, possibly even more-how do you want the council to spend it?”

“We were really pleased with the outcome of the centre. Now it’s just a case of making sure the council have ambition about what’s possible.”

“We want this to be the best leisure centre in Nottingham and want it to be here for another 100 years.”

Ed Palmer