23 October 2011
Independent on Sunday (The Pink List p.4)

New to us, or new to being openly gay, these newcomers could set the LGBT world alight.

Juliet Jacques
Journalist and blogger.

Bisi Alimi
The first Nigerian to come out on national TV, he now has asylum in Britain. Their loss is our gain.

Andrew Haigh
Director of Weekend, set to be the film of the autumn.

Kieron Richardson
Eccles-born actor best known for playing Ste Hay in Hollyoaks. Also appeared in Holby City.

Jill Jackson
Singer-songwriter, received a lot of your nominations.

Nigel Evans
One of three deputy Speakers of the House of Commons, came out in December saying that he was tired of “living a lie”. That meant living down his vote against an equal age of consent for gay men in 1998.

Ellie Harrison
Artist and one to watch.

Sarah Graham
An expert on LGBT and intersex people and addiction. Now working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Laurie Penny
Journalist and blogger.

Suran Dickson
About to launch Diversity Role Models’ campaign against bullying in schools, backed by Theresa May.