1 August 2007
Leftlion (Issue 18 p.23)

What’s your creative niche?

I used to obsessively collect data about my everyday life: photographing everything I ate, recording the total distance I travelled in a year, working out the number of gaseous emissions I produced. But recently I’m trying to take a more collaborative approach to my practice.
What makes you an artist? I keep churning stuff out regardless of whether anyone wants it. There’s a drive that makes you work, work, work.

Most influential artist?

Tehching Hsieh is the most amazing artist I know. His current project is to live to 100, which I’ve also decided to give a go.

Current activity?

I’m working on a series of networking events for female artists, writers and curators called Hen Weekend and also coordinating Notts on Tour where I take a group of forty artists, curators and art folk based in Nottingham on a road trip to Germany.

How can we access your work?

Until the end of July, Broadway Café Bar has I’ve Been Watching You which is an animated notebook chronicling the anecdotes, thoughts and reviews relating to the 207 films I have watched whilst working as an usher at the cinema.

What is your favourite art space in Nottingham?

Moot gallery.

Who in Nottingham would you like to collaborate with?

Moot someday and CCAN when it’s up and running.

Top tip for upcoming artists?

Get a website. Without one nobody will know you exist. Get yourself a decent email address using your URL and keep it for life. Present yourself as professionally as possible when contacting people and writing proposals.

You are standing in as the Mayor of Nottingham. What is top of your agenda?

I’d pull down that ridiculous Eastcroft incinerator then have some militant law which involved fining everyone for making unnecessary car journeys. I’d improve bike and pedestrian routes and only allow these modes of transport in the city centre.