6 January 2016
Daily Mail (p.14)

The artist Ellie Harrison is being paid Β£15,000 of taxpayers’ cash for remaining within the Greater Glasgow area for the next year – which, as luck would have it, is where she happens to live.

The idea behind the 12-month ‘performance piece’ or, If you will, ‘durational performance’ is to record the Glasgow Effect, a term used to describe poor health in certain areas of the city.

Among the diverse elements we can expect to see coagulate in art form over the next year are Ellie Harrison’s reduced carbon footprint, Ellie Harrison’s increased sense of belonging, Ellie Harrison’s better use of ‘local opportunities’ and the Scottish taxpayer’s fraying patience.

What will it look like when it is finished? Dunno. I’m not sure we’ve even been promised a finished product. Back in an earlier century, a hit song by Pulp told the story of an affluent artist from St Martin’s College who wanted to live like common people and do whatever common people do. This Creative Scotland jape sounds hauntingly similar, which is worrying because singer Jarvis Cocker’s point was the exercise was doomed to failure – only common people can live like common people.

A good video, at least, came out of that.

Jonathan Brocklebank