An interactive installation commissioned for the closing party of Angel Row Gallery in Nottingham. The Jukebox contained all the UK #1 hits which corresponded with the openings of 254 exhibitions held at the gallery over its lifetime. The audience were asked to punch in the code for the exhibition they first remembered visiting.

Harrison was commissioned to make a special interactive work for the Angel Row Gallery Closing Party, which took place on Saturday 22 September 2007. The gallery was closing after more than 16 years as Nottingham’s leading contemporary art space, to make way for Nottingham Contemporary – Nottingham’s new centre for contemporary art which opened in 2009.

Harrison’s piece aimed to create a party atmosphere whilst also celebrating the 254 exhibitions which had taken place at the gallery over its lifetime. For this she compiled the Angel Row Jukebox – a reproduction dome-topped Wurlitzer containing all the UK #1 hits which coincided with the opening of each of these exhibitions.

The actual list of tracks inside the jukebox remained a secret. Party goers were invited to peruse the specially made ‘exhibition list’ posters and to select the track number which corresponded to the first exhibition they remembered visiting at Angel Row. In doing so, they helped to provide a nostalgic (and sometimes cheesy) soundtrack for the party.

Photo: Ellie Harrison