20 August 2005
The Times (The Knowledge)

Max Klinger
Five sets of etchings by the 19th century artist weave scenes of everyday life together with flights of fantasy and dark imaginings which intrigue and enchant. Icon Gallery, Birmingham

Peripheral Visions
Four Russian artists, Viktor Alimpiev, Olga Chernysheva, Philipp Dontsov and Maxim Iliukhin, explore the social and the political relationships which bind the individual into society. Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Day-to-Day Data
Abigail Reynolds, Christian Nold, Ellie Harrison, Hannah Brown, Helen Frosi and Lucy Kimbell, investigate aspects of daily life and the ordinary things that we do, to seek out new insights into the ways in which we live. Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham

Universalism at Stake: Dialogues with Senghor
The results of 12 residencies, undertaken by artists in Senegal, focusing on the theme of universalism. Spacex Gallery, Exeter

Installed in the stunning setting of this historic castle, a show of newly commissioned and recent work by leading contemporary artists, including Damien Hirst, MAriele Neudecker and Franz West, explore the ways in which changes of scale and perspective can lead to giddy new perceptions. Sudeley Castle, Cheltenham

Rachel Campbell-Johnston