5 January 2016
The Sun (p.19)

Artist Paid to Stay Put.

Fury erupted yesterday after it emerged an artist was given £15,000 of lotto cash not to leave her home city for a year.

It is claimed Ellie Harrison, 36, will “increase her sense of belonging” by never setting foot outside Glasgow.

But the research venture was last night slammed as an “absurd waste of money”.

Tory MSP’ Alex Johnstone said: “Most hard-working Scots will be appalled at this latest splurge’ on an artist’s vanity project. “Although art is important for our cultural heritage this cash could be spent on more meaningful cultural projects.”

The grant was dished out on behalf of the National Lottery by art quango Creative Scotland –
also funded from Holyrood.

Its website states the work, called The Glasgow Effect, will “test what becomes possible when she invests
all her ideas, time and energy within the city she lives.” But followers on the body’s Facebook page called it “insulting”.

Jonathan Scott wrote: “Another good example of Creative Scotland chucking away money.”

Kristina Hansen added: “I’m horrified this got funding – it’s awful.”
But Lesley Cunningham said critics were ‘missing the point”.
Last night artist Ellie said: “I’ve found the response overwhelming.”

Creative Scotland insisted the project met the funding criteria. A spokeswoman added: ‘We will be
interested to see how it progresses.”

Douglas Walker