1 January 2006
a-n Magazine (p.25)

Artist network founded in 2005 by London based artist Adele Prince and Nottingham based artist Ellie Harrison. After discovering a mutual interest in sports, they first collaborated in 2005 with The Quotidian Factor, a game show style artistsโ€™ workshop at ARC, Aspex Galleryโ€™s artistsโ€™ resource centre. Following the success of this project, they realised the need for an artistsโ€™ network in the UK and abroad with an interest in sports.

Sports Day aims to build an inclusive online community for artists. The website will launch in 2006 as a place where artists can join the network, communicate with each other and share their sporting achievements. As a focal point, Sports Day aims to hold its first yearly convention in April 2006, in which members of the community will get together for a weekend of physical challenges and fun networking.

Emilia Telese