1 July 2006
a-n Magazine (p.29)

Liverpool-based Steven Renshaw, artist and director of Prime, was awarded a NAN Re-View bursary to meet artist and writer Dave Beech for a series of review consultations.

Prime was set up to investigate the relationship between the jobs artists do and the artwork that they make. ‘Part-time’ will be the first project by Prime. It involves commissioning artists to undertake work placements and collaborating with them throughout the production of a piece of art in order to examine the issues surrounding work and alternatives to the artist’s residency. Between February and August 2006, three artist ‘associates’, Ellie Harrison, Elizabeth Kearney and Joanna Spitzner, will work with Prime to gain part-time employment within identified companies. Mimicking the working day of many artists, the time outside ‘work’ will be used to make art – in this instance in response to the job.

Prime will support each artist throughout the project so that they have the relevant assistance during every stage. The outcome of each placement will be specific to each artist and is subject to negotiation with Prime – with a suitable context found in which it will be shown. A publication will be produced to document all stages of the project including final outcomes that will also contain three commissioned texts to critically investigate the issues raised.

Emilia Telese