1 April 2014
Diva Magazine (p.42-43)

Artists draw inspiration for the shelves of Glasgow Women’s Library.

21 Revolutions brings together the work of 21 visual artists and 21 writers to celebrate two decades of the Glasgow Women’s Library, a unique resource that also houses the Lesbian Archive and Information Centre.

Inspired by items from the library’s diverse collection, the work shown here appears in the book and is also available from GWL in the form of limited edition prints.

Working with library volunteer Alice Andrews, Nicky Bird created a series of fine-art postcards based on the history of the Raging Dyke Network – a group of radical separatist lesbians active in the late 1990s across 52 locations in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA. At the network’s centre was an activist in Norwich, who donated materials – including personal letters and ’zines – to the Lesbian Archive in 2000.

Delphine Dallison drew inspiration from the library’s collection of badges relating to political issues including the anti-apartheid movement and Section 28. As well as a print, she produced a series of badges representing the wide range of causes supported by women currently working at the library.

Rather than produce “an edition”, Ellie Harrison chose to develop an outreach project, launching the National Museum of Roller Derby in June 2012, thus making GWL the UK’s first official archive for the exciting, all-female, full-contact sport of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.

For more information about the project, book and prints, visit womenslibrary.org.uk/discover-our-projects/21-revolutions