8 October 2015
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Glasgow-based artist Ellie Harrison has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund research into a new project designed to create a sustainable and independent source of funding – by harnessing wind power.

The Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund (RRAAF) will use a wind turbine to generate renewable energy, the profits from which will fund what Harrison describes as “a ‘no strings attached’ grant scheme for art-activist projects”.

“Public funding for the arts is being cut left, right and centre,” says Harrison. “Commercial sponsorship requires us to compromise our values and ideas. It’s time we had a real alternative!”

The Kickstarter hopes to raise £1500 to fund phase 1 of the project – initial scoping work with Community Energy Scotland. The findings of this phase will be presented at CCA Glasgow on 17 December from 6:30pm.

Prior to the CCA event, the RRAAF mascot will be involved in a series of publicity stunts as part of The Only Way Is Ethics festival and ArtCOP Scotland.

Individuals are invited to pledge £5 or more to become a ‘RRAAF Founder and “get all sorts of weird and wonderful goodies”. Harrison is also keen for founders to become involved in shaping and developing the project.

Any additional funds raised by the Kickstarter will go towards phase 2 – making the project happen – which Harrison states could cost up to £1m.

Chris Sharratt