Performance / Events

  • Desk Chair Disco

    Ellie Harrison & Adele Prince (Sports Day) staged the first ever Desk Chair Disco in Newcastle upon Tyne on Friday 4 November 2011. City dwellers were offered the opportunity to redress their work-life balance by reclaiming their ordinary office furniture and taking it out on the town. As part of Wunderbar festival, Sports Day were invited to take over an empty office unit in the Pandon Building and put on this ‘roller disco with a difference’. The evening featured disco lights, DJ sets, live music and daring Desk Chair Derby displays courtesy of the Newcastle Roller Girls.

  • Fair Game

    An experiment in ‘value’ devised specifically for the context of the art fair. Fair Game is an endurance performance which sees Harrison gamble her entire artist’s fee for the project with fair goers, by setting-up and running a hoopla stall within the fair grounds.

  • The History of Revolution: Ellie Harrison’s Fireworks Display

    Conceived as the sister work to The History of Financial Crises, this performance spectacle is a one-woman attempt to re-enact a chronology of ‘the history of revolution’ over the course of the last 360 years via the medium of pyrotechnics.

  • General Election Drinking Game

    An endurance performance devised by Harrison to coincide with the 2010 UK general election. Four ‘players’ represented the main political parties – each attempting to drink one shot of lager for every seat in parliament their party won, live as the results came in throughout the night.
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  • Desk Chair Parade

    On Sunday 2 August 2009, Ellie Harrison & Adele Prince (Sports Day) staged the inaugural Desk Chair Parade took place in Manchester as part of We are the Champions – Castlefield Gallery’s 25th Anniversary. A group of willing volunteers – office workers, shoppers and gallery goers alike – embarked on a magnificent adventure, freewheeling through the streets on ordinary office chairs.

  • Olympic Ring Doughnut Eating Contest

    Harrison collaborated with Adele Prince as Sports Day on the Olympic Ring Doughnut Eating Contest on Saturday 15 September 2007 at Burgess Park in south London as part the second Artists’ Sports Day organised by Grunts for the Arts. The Artists’ Sports Days are organised as a protest against the recent siphoning off of 35% or the Arts Council Grants for the Arts funds in order to pay for the 2012 Olympics.

  • I’ve Been Watching You

    For three-and-a-half years Harrison was ‘undercover artist-in-residence’ at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. Assuming the role of usher, she spent her shifts getting to grips with the inner workings of the cinema and expanding her knowledge of contemporary film. After ‘coming out’ as an artist in 2007, she was asked to present her findings as one of the commissions for the launch of Digital Broadway – the cinema’s new digital arts programme alongside works by Marcus Coates, Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie and Annie Watson.
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  • Bouncy Boxing Championships

    Ellie Harrison & Adele Prince collaborated as Sports Day on several performance / events with a sporting theme from 2006 – 2009. They made their first public outing hosting Bouncy Boxing Championships the NAN-NANA – New Adventures in Networking event held in Nottingham on 28 – 30 April 2006. 16 lucky competitors were chosen from amongst the 60 attending delegates to take part in the contest. Four nail-biting, knock-out rounds later and a champion emerged – Paul Luckraft of The Royal Standard, Liverpool was awarded much sought after ‘silver glove’ trophy.

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    From 2003-2005, Harrison was a member of Nottingham-based art collective Reactor. She designed and performed as ‘QuickShot Pro’ – the giant joystick in GHAOS ZX and helped devise and participate in several other GHAOS performances over the course of two years.

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