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The Glasgow Effect: A Talk by Ellie Harrison

Hello friends,

It's been a while since I was in touch.

In January 2017, I finally completed my year-long 'durational performance' The Glasgow Effect, having not travelled in any vehicles (other than my bike) or left Glasgow's city limits for a whole year (see 'heatmap' below).

I gave a talk about this intense and exhausting experience at the Glasgow Film Theatre on 8 January 2017. Please do watch online if you'd like to find out more: (there's also a podcast available)

I also did three interviews to mark the end of the year. Collectively, these go part-way towards documenting my personal and political experience of the project:

• 6 January 2017: The Glasgow Effect interview, Stephen Jardine on BBC Radio Scotland
• 6 January 2017: "Glasgow Effect artist 'used anger' to fuel work", BBC News
• 7 February 2017: "The Glasgow Effect" by Brian Beadie for Kiltr
• 9 February 2017: "Ellie Harrison 'The Glasgow Effect was a boycott of the oil industry, of privatised public transport'" by David Pollock for The List

It will take years to process all that happened in 2016, but I'm very pleased to have completed what I set out to do!

Best wishes from Glasgow,


Ellie Harrison 'heatmap' 2016