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Tonnes of Carbon produced by Personal Transportation (2015 - 2016)

Hello friends,

Here's a wee update from Glasgow to celebrate World Carfree Day.

I've been having a busy year here, helping to organise lots of local projects and campaigns to make this a more equal, connected and sustainable city. I'll be speaking about some of my experiences tonight at the Scottish Artists' Union AGM.

As you can see from the data analysis above, I've still not been in a vehicle (other than my bike) since 31 December 2015. I've slashed my carbon footprint for Transport to zero.

All year I've been thinking about the sustainability of this 'sustainable lifestyle', especially when you live in a city so far away from your family, as many of us do in a globalised world.

I've also been considering how it's possible to maintain all the things you 'commit' to over the course of your life without total self-exploitation. I have a growing number of ongoing and life-long projects, which I've been able to give more attention to this year to attempt to make them more 'sustainable'.

First, there's Early Warning Signs. Now in its fifth full year, I'm launching yet another 'open call' to find four UK arts venues to 'adopt the signs' in 2017.

Then, there's The Artists' Bond, running since 2011. This year we got a new look and recruited forty new members, bringing us to a total of 160 artists across the UK.

And finally, there's the Bring Back British Rail campaign. After my riotous first appearance on the Today programme in August, we're gearing up to launch our first report at the Houses of Parliament in October.

No rest for the wicked then ;)
Read on for all the details and look out for a final update from Glasgow at the end of the year.

Best wishes,


Early Warning Signs (Bowling Harbour)

Early Warning Signs:
Adopt a Sign for 2017!

Reduce, reuse, recycle your art! Since 2011, these four 'climate change' signs have been touring around different UK arts venues. The photo above shows the one currently being hosted by The Clipperton Project outside their offices in Bowling Harbour - just beyond the Glasgow boundary in West Dunbartonshire!

This year, the other three signs can be found at: QUAD in Derby, Arcola Theatre in London and Edinburgh Printmakers. I'm now looking for another four arts venues around the UK to 'adopt a sign' in 2017. See the Facebook event and website for details of how to apply:

DEADLINE: Friday 28 October 2016

The Artists' Bond

The Artists' Bond:
New Members, New Look!

Also established in 2011, The Artists' Bond in life-long speculative funding scheme for UK-based artists, for which I am the Agent. After two 'fallow years' in 2014 and 2015 when I was too overstretched to tackle all the paperwork, this year I've recruited forty new members focussing on expanding our membership in Scotland.

To celebrate our members new and old (36 of whom are based in Glasgow), we have a new look and a new website designed by Glasgow-based designer Neil Scott. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you'd like to join The Artists' Bond at some point the future:

Bring Back British Rail

Bring Back British Rail

It's been a busy year for the campaign for the public ownership of our railways, which I founded in 2009. I've been supporting groups around the UK fighting back against private train operators and making my first appearances on the Today programme, Talk Radio and even You & Yours!

This summer, instead of taking a 'holiday', I've been working on A Better Railway for Britain, the campaign's first report. It will launch at the Houses of Parliament in London on 13 October 2016. I won't be there of course, but please go along if you'd like to support the campaign and get hold of a printed copy. You can also get your merchandise here.