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Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund

Calling energy experts, artists, activists and others! Pitch-in your skills and help us build the Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund (RRAAF), an ambitious new grant scheme for art-activism funded by renewable energy.


We're now gearing up for the next phase of the Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund project!

The RRAAF Founding Symposium takes place on 23-24 July 2016 at the CCA in Glasgow, where we will be discussing and implementing the first of the project stages outlined in our RRAAF Report.

We are looking for a small but dedicated group of people to take part. It will be a hands-on event for those with relevant interest or expertise who want to help set-up the RRAAF organisation and be involved in its long-term development.

Please email to get involved:

If you can't make it to the event, but still want to help us build RRAAF, please get in touch. We are setting up an online collaborative working space, which you can use to stay in the loop and contribute ideas remotely.

If travel expenses are a barrier, please also get in touch. There is a very small budget which we might be able to assist with and can find accommodation for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Ellie Harrison