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Hello friends,

I'm in London to launch a huge new project - the Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund (RRAAF) - at Beaconsfield in Vauxhall tonight from 7pm.

Once set up, RRAAF aims to be a new and autonomous alternative funding scheme for art-activist projects in the UK.

Today we're launching a Kickstarter to fund RRAAF "phase 1" - the initial scoping work with Community Energy Scotland, which will be presented at CCA Glasgow on 17 December from 6pm.

Support the Kickstarter

By pledging £5 or more, you can become a "RRAAF Founder"- get all sorts of weird and wonderful goodies and, if you like, become actively involved in shaping and developing the project in the future.

Please read on for details. I really hope you like the idea and want to help make it happen!

Very best wishes,

Ellie Harrison

Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund

Public funding for the arts is being cut left, right and centre.

Commercial sponsorship requires us to compromise our values and ideas.

It's time we had a real alternative!

The Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund (RRAAF) will use a wind turbine to generate renewable energy to fund a 'no strings attached' grant scheme for art-activist projects.

Support the Kickstarter to make it happen!

Please visit:

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The Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund is being developed by artist Ellie Harrison with support from Beaconsfield London & CCA Glasgow. The 2015 launch events take place in London and Glasgow as part of ArtCOP21, The Only Way is Ethics & ArtCOP Scotland. RRAAF identity by Neil McGuire.

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