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Hello pals,

Today's 19 August - 231 days into the year and it's already Earth Overshoot Day! That is the date when our species has used up one year's worth of resources and starts eating into the next...

To mark this somewhat concerning event, next Friday 29 August, in the centre of Berlin I'm staging The Global Race - a new performance / event using Segways to highlight the resources we waste by continual needless technological 'innovation'. See below for further details and come compete if you're in town!

And also, do remember, if you're feeling moved to help me 'reduce, reuse, recycle my art', you can now apply to 'adopt' one of my four Early Warning Signs in 2015. I'm searching for four arts organisations to follow in the footsteps of GoMA, FACT, Aspex and Beaconsfield, who are hosting the signs this year. Please see below for further details and apply through the website.

Very best wishes,


The Global Race (image: Chad McDermott)

The Global Race

With a title borrowed from David Cameron's favourite catchphrase, The Global Race aims to offer a comical critique of human 'progress'; highlighting the resources wasted by continual needless technological 'innovation'.

At an athletics track in central Berlin, a group of 'elite athletes' and members of the public will be invited to compete in a series of races on Segways - creating an absurd vision of an Olympic games of the future, in which the brilliance of human 'innovation' means we no longer need to break a sweat.

Friday 29 August 2014
16:00 - 18:00

Sportverein IHW Alex 78 e.V.
Ministergärten 2
10117 Berlin

- Elite Athletes Parade around Potsdamer Platz from 15:00
- Registration at the track from 15:45 (you must be over 18 and bring a valid Driver's Licence to race)

The Global Race is a performance / event by Ellie Harrison, devised in response to Earth Overshoot Day 2014 (19 August) and programmed as part of nGbK's Part of the Game project.
Part of the Game

Early Warning Signs

Early Warning Signs:
Adopt a Sign for 2015!

Ellie Harrison's Early Warning Signs project is entering its fourth year and the artist is now seeking applications from host venues to 'adopt' one of her four 'climate change' signs in 2015.

If you're part of an arts organisation or gallery, this is your chance to follow in the footsteps of Beaconsfield, FACT, GoMA Glasgow and Aspex Gallery who are hosting these now familiar rotating signs this year.

Adopt a sign for 2015 and you can help Ellie Harrison in her mission to 'reduce, reuse, recycle her art', and join the growing list of prestigious venues who have already taken part, including: Eastside Projects, Castlefield Gallery, Space Station Sixty-Five, Travelling Gallery, Site Gallery, Dundee Contemporary Arts, CCA Glasgow, The Hidden Gardens at Tramway, Beacon Art Project and Artsadmin's Two Degrees Festival, where it all began back in 2011.

Adopt a Sign
  • Are you part of an arts organisation or gallery that would like to be seen to be actively acknowledging climate change?
  • Would you like to help create awareness / discussion about climate change in your local area?
  • Then, why not take responsibility for one of the four signs by committing to display it in an outdoor public location at / near your venue during 2015.
Unlike adopting a human child, the application process for 'adopting a sign' is very simple and should no take more than 5 minutes. For all the details, please visit:

DEADLINE: Friday 31 October 2014

Please forward on these details to arts organisations / galleries you know who might be interested in adopting a sign.

reduce, reuse, recycle your art