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As the year draws in, I seem to be in the business of wrapping things up. So, I'm sending this round-up of some recent and ongoing exhibitions and projects before I officially go into hibernation.

If you're up in Newcastle before 17 December, please do pop along to the new Vane gallery space to see my show Market Forces, which continues for another two weeks. To get you in the mood check out the little film of the launch night and the brilliant intro text written by Laurie Penny.

If you're near Collective in Edinburgh before 18 December, you can also see my new work The End Product as part of Oliver Braid's slightly bizarre exhibition. My piece is a cheeky, if not deliberately opportunistic, attempt to conclude and commodify the series of 'LIVE Broadcasts' I've been making over the last year, by creating and marketing a special DVD 'boxset' in the gallery space. See below for details of how to get your own copy via mail order only, in time for Christmas.

If you still want more, do check out the video documentation of Austerity & Anarchy, a new installation made in response to this summer's riots and the unbelievable Desk Chair Disco, which really did happen in Newcastle on 4th November.

And finally, you might be aware that I'm increasingly wearing my other 'hat' as the coordinator of Bring Back British Rail - a national campaign serving as a point of resistance against the continual privatisation of our public services. If you're interested in finding out more, please visit the website and see further details below.

Here's wishing you a very happy festive season,

All the best,


Ellie Harrison: 4 LIVE Broadcasts

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Bring Back British Rail

The Bring Back British Rail campaign was launched in 2009 as a heartfelt call for an end to private interest in public transport. It has continued to grow from strength-to-strength, with now close to 10,000 supporters on our Facebook page. If you support our aims, please make sure you sign the e-petition and join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with campaign news. There's lots of new and rather stylish merchandise now available on the website, with all proceeds helping to fund campaign materials and activities in 2012 - the perfect Christmas presents for pissed-off rail passengers!

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