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Lone Workers Unite!


If you're freelance and fancy a change to your normal working environs this coming Monday, why not come down to Toynbee Hall in London and join us for the Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed.

We're attempting to set a world record for the most self-employed people working together (on their own individual projects) in the same place at the same time, over the course of a normal 9-to-5 day.

For one day, instead of our usual isolation, we'll be together: working, lunching, knocking-off at five, going to the pub - forging new friendships, connections, collaborations and who knows... you'll have to come along and find out!

There's still time to sign up on the website:

I hope to see you there!


Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed

Monday 13 June 2011
9am - 5pm

Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB

Work-a-thon for the Self-Employed is part of Artsadmin's Two Degrees festival, a week of art and activism, climate and cuts, taking place from 12 - 18 June 2011.

I'm very excited to be a resident artist at Two Degrees all week, working on two projects: the Work-a-thon on Monday and a second research project with the working title A Good Climate for Business. Developing some of the ideas from the weather report I transmitted in April, the research will aim to explore our understanding of the relationship between capitalism and climate change and will culminate on Saturday 18 June. Futher updates to come!
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