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Is there any chance you'll be sat in front of your computer as per usual this Thursday? Well if so, do tune into my personal political broadcast which will be going out LIVE on Election Day at 10am.

I'll be experimenting with a few regional accents in order to give my own personal take on the story of devolution and its effect on my own identity as I have moved about the country between England, Scotland and Wales. See below for further info.

Also, if you happen to see this month's Art Monthly - do check out Martin Herbert's artist's profile which does a rather eloquent job of surveying and summing up ten year's worth of disparate, and sometimes silly, projects (see below).

And finally, if you missed my solo show in London, which just closed on Monday you can catch up with the video clip and further info online.

See you on Thursday I hope!


Personal Political Broadcast
By Ellie Harrison

10:00am GMT (10-15 minutes approx)

Watch LIVE at >

To coincide with the UK referendum on voting reform and the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliamentary elections on Thursday 5th May, Ellie Harrison will give her own LIVE 'personal political broadcast'. Using a variety of regional accents she will attempt a subjective interpretation of the systems of government in use in Scotland, Wales and the wider UK. Examining the inconsistencies in the electoral systems in use in each, she'll make the case for UK parliamentary reform, whist exploring the impact of devolution on personal identity in post-Britain.

Commissioned as part of the Virtual Bloc programme and supported by Arts Council of Wales.

Art Monthly Profile
By Martin Herbert

May 2011 (issue no.346, pages 16-17)

Read online here >

Bloc Arts Council of Wales