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Hello and happy May Day,

I just wanted to let you know about General Election Drinking Game - a performance I am coordinating and taking part in on Thursday 6th May to coincide with our election.

It potentially involves drinking a lot of alcohol, which should be an interesting experiment seeing I have been tee-total since 1st January in an attempt to master complete control over every aspect of my life… not quite as easy as I thought!

If you're curious to see how it all unfolds we will be webcasting 'live coverage' of the results all night from 10pm - 4am at:

Please tune in! Or come along and witness the spectacle with your own eyes as part of the special election night party at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle.

Wish me luck,


General Election Drinking Game

General Election Drinking Game

An endurance performance by Ellie Harrison
Featuring Oliver Braid, Harriet Plewis and Paul Knight

Thursday 6th May 2010
10pm - 4am

General Election Drinking Game features four 'players' lined up as though pundits in a panel discussion - each representing one of the main political parties.

Following the live election results carefully, each player will drink one shot of beer for every seat in parliament their party wins, out of the total of 646. The levels of intoxication of each player will be directly proportional to their party's success.

Live coverage of General Election Drinking Game will run throughout the night. Alongside the mainstream media, the webcast aims to offer an alternative visualisation of the results. Tune in on Thursday 6th May from 10pm - 4am at:

The live performance takes place as part of the election special all-nighter at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle, which features the live results alongside performances and interventions by artists responding to the election theme.

Star and Shadow Cinema
Stepney Bank
Newcastle upon Tyne

Star and Shadow

Estimated Quantities of Lager

Estimated Quantities of Lager