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Olympic Ring Doughnut Eating Contest - Burgess Park London - TOMORROW!

The Sports Day Olympic Ring Doughnut Eating Contest 2007 takes place on Saturday 15 September at Burgess Park in south London as part the second Artists' Sports Day organised by Grunts for the Arts.

The contest is open to six gutsy competitors who will be selected on the day. The challenge is to eat five ring doughnuts, arranged in the Olympic Ring configuration, in the fastest time possible. The winner will be the first person to finish all five doughnuts - only they will take home the prestigious Sports Day golden medal (along with a small amount of indigestion). The Sports Day starts at 12noon, get there early to put your name down for the contest, which will kick off around 2:30pm.

The Artists' Sports Days are organised by Grunts for the Arts as a protest against the recent siphoning off of 35% or the Arts Council Grants for the Arts funds in order to pay for the 2012 Olympics.

Sports Day is an artists' group founded by Ellie Harrison and Adele Prince.