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I'm just writing to let you know about some things I've been working on over the last few months. Below are lots of web links for you to have a nose at if you have time.

Best wishes, Ellie

Part-time Part-time

Over the summer I was commissioned by Prime to take part in the project Part-time. Three artists were asked to spend four weeks working undercover in low-wage jobs and to generate work in response to their new surroundings. I have detailed the highs and lows of this experience in my work blog.
Union Of Undercover Artists Union of Undercover Artists

In keeping with the theme of exploited workers, the three artists taking part in Part-time decided to unionise. In July the Union of Undercover Artists was born. From that point onwards the Union became their representative voice and entered into all communication with their employer Prime on their behalf.
Tea Blog Tea Blog

Since New Year's Day I have been relentlessly noting down the thoughts that are most prominent in my mind whilst drinking my regular cups of tea. Now nearly ten months into the project over 560 random thoughts have been archived in the blog.
Have You Ever Wanted To Change? Have You Ever Wanted To Change?

Some of my recent projects are discussed in Have You Ever Wanted To Change? - a web-based research thesis by artist Megan Wilson. The project unpicks the motivations of artists who impose regime on their daily lives in an attempt to discover more about the wider cultural phenomenon of self-improvement.
Loneliness Of The Long Distance Logger Loneliness Of The Long Distance Logger

Earlier in the year I gave an interview to fledging magazine Cracked Actor about my obsession with data collecting and the Day-to-Day Data project. This now features on their new website and will be in print within the next month.
Artists Training Programme™ Artists Training Programme™

You may recently have received an email from my colleague Paul, with whom I have worked alongside to develop the Artist's Training Programme™. The programme has been specifically formulated to help artists to: develop their practice, become critically engaged, utilise their intelligence and 'work it' in the art world.