19 September 2014
Summerhall TV


So as you can see, we’ve not detonated the cannons here… I guess, it felt kind of pessimistic all night through watching the results come in, but I’m sure that was just the spin the BBC put on it. But it seemed quite clear, probably by about 4:30 – 5am ish, that we weren’t gonna have to set these off.

I guess it seems quite apt, because what I was doing in the gallery here was trying to mirror in a very small and microcosmic way, what was going on in wider society, in Scotland. So the fact that I feel particularly bedraggled, is probably quite appropriate.

It’s strange walking back in and knowing that they’re not going to go off and looking at them in a completely different way and just thinking about them, I suppose, as potential energy. That they’re still there and they still can be activated at some point in the future. Not during this exhibition, but metaphorically, at some point.

But at the same time, you know, the up side of all this is: there is no mess to clear up! It just goes on as though nothing ever happened. Yeah, and I think when we all wake up after having slept off this… night, this whole night’s activities, it might all seem like a dream.

I always wanted to create a piece of work that had a ‘before’ and ‘after’. And now obviously we’re into that ‘after’ stage. And it’s funny because it’s exactly the same as it was before, but it feels really different. Now… all those questions about uncertainty have been answered, you can see it in a whole new light.

So people coming in for the last month of the exhibition (it’s on until the 18th October), you know… it’ll be quite a sad, poignant thing to walk in a see now, knowing that you’re never going to see what could have happened had they been detonated.

Summerhall TV