For her solo exhibition at Piccadilly Circus Underground Station in 2005, Harrison created a series of 20 large format posters to visualise the data collected during her Gold Card Adventures project, for which she recorded the total distance of every journey she made on London Transport in a year (9,236 kilometres). These posters were used to mark the stages of this cumulative journey by featuring a series of imitation postcards from different global destinations at progressive further distances away from London.
Project website

Gold Card Adventures was Harrison’s second major year-long project, which followed Eat 22, for which she photographed everything she ate for a year. For Gold Card Adventures, Harrison recorded the total distance she travelled on London Transport in a year from 23 September 2002 – 22 September 2003. This year coincided with the time she spent studying at Goldsmiths College in New Cross and commuting across London daily from her hometown of Ealing.

In 2005 Harrison was commissioned by Platform For Art (now Art on the Underground), to transform the data collected for the Gold Card Adventures project into a solo exhibition for Piccadilly Circus Underground Station. The exhibition took the form of 20 large format posters (98 × 158 centimetres) installed in 20 of the advertising sites in the ticket hall and exit subway two of the station.

Over the course of the year Harrison travelled a total of 9,236 kilometres. The posters she made for the exhibition were used to mark the different stages of this cumulative journey by featuring imitation postcards from a series of global destinations at progressively further distances away from Ealing Broadway.

To accompany the exhibition, Harrison created the Gold Card Adventures website. The website archives the details of the 1,495 journeys she made that year and features the 20 postcards made for the exhibition plus eight additional bonus ones.

Gold Card Adventures Poster

Photo: Ellie Harrison