Internet / Broadcasts

  • Illustration: Emily Chappell

    Ellie & Oliver’s Long Distance Relationship

    For Glasgow Open House 2014, Harrison & her former flatmate Oliver Braid reunited to present two special editions of their popular radio show, as part of three interlinked projects taking place over two weekends, across both their new residences in the west and east of the city. Facebook / Twitter.

  • Illustration: Emily Chappell

    Friendship Festival

    For Glasgay! 2012, Harrison & her flatmate Oliver Braid presented Friendship Festival. Building on the success of their popular radio show, they invited six other friendly duos with intimate and provocative thoughts to share with the world, into their home for a series of weekend radio show ‘takeovers’. Facebook / Twitter.

  • Ellie & Oliver Show

    For a whole year, artists, friends and flatmates Ellie Harrison & Oliver Braid worked together to broadcast a weekly radio show LIVE from their flat in Glasgow (and from a variety of special locations across the UK and Ireland including Edinburgh Art Festival and Glasgow International). Facebook / Twitter.
    Project website

  • Best of the Rest (2011)

    Best of the Rest

    Broadcast LIVE (via Skype) from her bedroom in Glasgow to the studio of artist Oliver Braid on the eve of the opening of I’ll Look Forward To It – an exhibition orchestrated by him for Collective, Edinburgh as part of the New Work Scotland programme.

  • Personal Political Broadcast (2011)

    Personal Political Broadcast

    Broadcast LIVE (via Bambuser) from the Premier Inn hotel in Nottingham to viewers all over the globe to coincide with the UK referendum on voting reform and the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliamentary elections. Commissioned by Bloc, Wales as part of the Virtual Bloc programme.

  • UK Weather Report (2011)

    UK Weather Report

    Broadcast LIVE (via Skype) from her studio in Glasgow to the Center for Book Arts in New York where the two founders and curators of the SP Weather Station project, Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson, were busy compiling their 2010 ‘Weather Report’.

  • Trajectories

    Trajectories is a web-based application which enables you to compare your life to other people’s and test how you match up against their achievements. Enter your details and watch your career trajectory visualised alongside those of your heroes or rivals from the past and present. Check to see if you are still on track for ‘success’ and schedule email reminders for future dates to remind you of your goals.
    Project website

  • Transmission: Glasgow to London (2010)

    Transmission: Glasgow to London

    Broadcast LIVE (via Skype) from her flat in Glasgow to an assembled audience in the auditorium at the Whitechapel Gallery, London as part of Up Periscope – an event curated by writer-in-residence Sally O’Reilly.

  • Work With Me (2007)

    Work With Me

    Work With Me is an international campaign to help find a long-term collaborative partner for Harrison. Read all about Harrison’s ambitions and desires, her influences and expectations for art and her outlook on life. Peruse the ‘testimonials’ written by a range of Harrison’s previous collaborators, friends and family members including Jon Burgerman, Anne Harrison, Bernard Harrison, Helen Jones, Sally O’Reilly, Niki Russell and Jennie Syson, and then decide whether you’re right for the job – or if anyone is for that matter.
    Project website

  • Artist's Training Programme™ (2006)

    Artist’s Training Programme™

    A spoof website promoting a revolutionary new self-help training regime for artists. The Artist’s Training Programme™ has been researched and developed by Ellie Harrison BA PGDip, alongside two of the world’s foremost self-improvement gurus – Paul McKenna PhD and Dr Ryuta Kawashima. Follow for four week programme today and transform your practice forever!
    Project website

  • Photo: Mischa Haller

    Tea Blog

    For three years from 1 January 2006 – 31 December 2008, Harrison recorded what she was thinking about every time she had a cup of tea (or a different type of hot drink). During this period, which overlapped Harrison’s decision to ‘quit’ data collecting, a total of 1,650 thoughts were archived in the Tea Blog. They can be read chronologically starting with her last entry on 31 December 2008 or accessed randomly.
    Project website

  • Swear Box 2005 (2005)

    Swear Box 2005

    Throughout 2005, Harrison recorded every sentence that she uttered which contained a swear word. These sentences were uploaded to the online Swear Box at regular intervals over the course of the year, alongside a summary of the reason for the outburst. The work involved in updating the online Swear Box had a similar effect to the more traditional version of the box, in that Harrison only swore on 142 occasions the entire year which was considerably less than the 2,427 she did during her Daily Quantification Records project in 2003.
    Project website

  • Trans-Atlantic Challenge (2004)

    Trans-Atlantic Challenge

    This web-based programme monitors Harrison’s progress as she strives towards achieving three momentous challenges over the course of her lifetime. For the first of these, the Trans-Atlantic Challenge, Harrison records and adds together all the lengths she swims weekly at her local pool in the hope of one day having swum the 5,400 kilometre distance from the UK to America.
    Project website

  • My Head's Swimming (2003)

    My Head’s Swimming

    This random thought generator was Harrison’s first experiment in the collection of ‘subjective data’. For three months during the second term of her Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art course at Goldsmiths College she recorded all the thoughts she had whilst swimming lengths at her local pool. She found that swimming provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on all the things happening in her life at what was, during the build up to the US and UK attack on Iraq, a tense time to be in London.
    Project website

  • Eat 22 (2002)

    Eat 22

    A year after completing Greed, Harrison began Eat 22 (11 March 2001 – 11 March 2002), her seminal data collecting project. For one year and one day she photographed and recorded information about everything that she ate. Eat 22 is now on permanent display at the Wellcome Collection in London.
    Project website